Saturday, June 19, 2010

The beach...and a catch up of the last 5 months

So, once again lots of things have changed since my last post. I no longer have "the kids". Anton and Cassie broke up and Anton moved back to Iowa and eventually in a month or so to Branson, Missouri to live his roll and roll dream out. Cassie moved out the same day - one of her friends at work needed another roommate so now she lives in the fan. So that has been about 6 weeks ago and I have to tell you - I was so sad to see them go, but glad to have my house back with my husband so we can have more time to focus on us.

Grandmother Plumly passed away May 19th. She is in a much better place! She lived for several years declining in health, which was very difficult for the family to witness - especially when she sometimes couldn't remember who we are. The funeral was beautiful and it was awesome to be able to reconnect with all of the Plumly employees that worked so long and hard for Plumly Lumber. That gave my dad so much pride and happiness to see them and have them pay their respects to our family. We are all so thankful for those people to help make Plumly Lumber what it once was.

Ashley and Jon Raider came down too, about a month ago. Ashley is recovering at lightening speed. It was wonderful to see them and to see how much she has progressed. The last time I saw her was in a coma. We visited Cumberland - the last place that all of her siblings lived together and she remembers so many details about the place, which was really amazing - from where the treehouse was to what color each room was once painted. The man that lives there now was very nice to let us in the house. These type of trips are really helpful to Ashley regaining her memory to what it once was.

Next on the list is Val getting married. Wow... I think about a couple of years ago to how unhappy she was and how she is truly a different person. It really is true how the people you surround yourself with can really change your way of thinking, demeanor, and make you a better person. Mike has done just that. He has been such a blessing to our family and has made Val such a happier person - not mention the kids as well. I was the wedding coordinator for this event - which I have to say was a little challenging that day, given the weather restrictions (we were racing against the rain), but all in all - everything turned out really well.

Next up, I changed jobs. Ever since I returned to work from my surgery I have been literally STRESSED to the MAX. Life for me was not great during that time. I have found that there are more important things in life than working 70 hours a week, when that still isn't enough and people still expect more. My family suffered. I was a different person. Steve and I barely saw each other and when we did, I have to admit that I was always so stressed out and quick to snap. Since then - April 21st I started at WellPoint and have been soooo much more happy. I LOVE the people I work with and love my boss. It couldn't be a better working environment, not to mention something a little different than what I was doing before and quite interesting and challenging. I am so thankful for this opportunity!!!!!!

So, the beach....Steve and I originally thought the beach would consist of Steve and I and Lila and "the kids", but since they left prior to the beach it ended up being just Steve and I (and Lila), which was perfect. It is so funny how vacation seems to go so slow until Wednesday - and then you blink and it's gone - back to reality. We had a GREAT time! First of all, I got lots of sun and finished a great book I was reading and got the chance to start on another. I have to say - I am a sun girl and always will be and LOVE being tan! Although yesterday my lips actually got burned and I do have some tiny blisters on them - but at least I can say I know what I would look like if I got collagen injections in my upper lip :) ---not the look I am going for. Fun things we did: took Lila out to Corolla and got to see the horses, I actually drove on the beach this time and wasn't even scared! Went shopping - Steve was very patient and got a few cute new pieces of clothing. Ate at Carolina Seafood - delicious, Chili Peppers, and Awful Arthurs. Wish we had gotten a chance to eat at Sam and Omie's and gotten some crabs, but that never happened - maybe next time. The week went by so fast oo that we didn't even get a chance to go to Oregon Inlet. Wednesday night was doozy. I had a little too much fun at Jolly Rogers, and accidentally lost Steve's Further hat. Anyone going to a Further tour soon??????? I would love to be able to surprise Steve with another one. We also met some great people at Jolly Rogers and ran into an old coworker too - the world is so small! All in all - it was a GREAT trip - just too short; now back to reality! Steve starts his new job on Monday and will be back in school. Life goes just way to fast, but I was really happy to be able to enjoy a much needed vacation with my baby by ourselves! It was great "us" time!!!!

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